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It's important to hire the appropriate limousine for your special occasion.  It's not simply a question of size and price.  (There are many differences between limousine facilities).

Not only that - and more importantly - no two limousine hire companies are the same!  All companies offer a different level of service, and not many provide the high standard offered by 1st Select Limousines.

Some helpful hints on how to hire a limousine:

  • Don't wait until the last minute!
    To be guaranteed the vehicle of your choice, book as soon as you can.  For a wedding we recommend that you book as much or more than six months in advance.
  • Get a written signed contract!
    Your cheque or receipt is not in itself a contract. Make sure all the details of the event are on your contract and correct.  Both the limo company and the customer should sign it and each retain a copy.
  • Give a Deposit
    Without a deposit, no company will hold or be able to guarantee your limousine.  once the deposit is paid you may not be able to cancel,  Ask for the terms for the final payment.  remember most companies require cash if you are making the final payment on the day of the event.
  • What Limousine should I book?
    Always ask what year the limo was manufactured!  And beware of any company that are unable to tell you!  (they're old!).  Ist select limousines only have new range limos with modern top of the range features.  make sure the limo you are booking is detailed on your contract.
  • Ask to see the limousines
    Even a parked car should be spotless like ours are.  Check how the car smells inside.  Are there any dents or missing trim?  Always ask if you need matching limos or any special requirements - don't assume you'll automatically get what you imagine!  Even the colours may be different.
  • Value for money
    Weddings are generally priced as a 'package' (usually three hours).  Other events are normally booked by the hour, with a minimum return time of 4 hours.

Charges start at the time of pick-up with 1st select Limousines, but some companies charge from the time they leave their premises - so ask!

You may also be expected to pay over the going rate if you exceed your paid hours at the end of your ride.  Most companies make a an hourly charge for any portion of any overtime hour.  Be Prepared!

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